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“Discover your unique creative style and start painting stunning abstracts  that express who you are as an artist!”

Do you dream of expressing yourself through beautiful colors and bold brushstrokes, but feel overwhelmed and stuck?

This September, you have the chance to embark on a transformative journey with Cathy Mevik]'s online course, "Intuitive & Spontaneous Abstracts". Designed specifically for passionate artists, this course will guide you in unlocking the power of intuitive abstract painting, without the pressure of perfectionism.

Here's what awaits you in "Intuitive & Spontaneous Abstracts":

  • Embrace Your Uniqueness: We'll go beyond the basics, helping you discover your own artistic voice and develop a deep connection to your creative spirit.
  • Master the Essentials: Gain a solid foundation in color theory, composition, and abstract painting techniques, all presented in a clear and engaging way.
  • Unlock Your Creativity: Learn how to approach the canvas intuitively, letting go of inhibitions and embracing the joy of spontaneous expression.
  • Build Your Skills Step-by-Step: We'll walk you through the entire process, so you can build mesmerizing abstract paintings layer by layer.
  • Learn from the Best: Benefit from Cathy's years of experience and passion for art. Students consistently rave about Cathy's engaging teaching style and ability to create a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

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