Cathy Mevik - Contemporary artist


I choose to be vulnerable
I choose to put my soul on display by sharing my art. 

I choose to believe in myself
I embrace the creative part of me and am passionate about it.

I choose to be brave.
I choose to share my journey of healing through art.

I choose to be fearless
I am terrified, but i have the courage to dive into the unknown.

As a contemporary abstract artist, my style is both modern and abstract and I also use more then one medium in my artwork. 

For me art is a passion. A never ending journey. It's this quiet space where I can let go of the world around me.  It's a place where I process and express my feelings, both old and new. A place where I can just be. Art is where I let go of everything and become free. 

I wasn't born with a special talent that made me an artist, I've always enjoyed being creative tho. In my opinion all you need to do to become an artist is have a genuine interest for the subject and the courage to start!