Let's Get Serious About Creating Unique Abstract Art

Step-by-step I will help you gain control of your paintint process and guide you through all you need to know about color theory, composistion and the guidelines that every artist use to create abstract paintings that work. Let me help you gain the confidence and freedom you need to create the art of your dreams. 


I teach you to paint bold paintings with confidence!

5 tips to help you become a better artist!

In this free video I share my best tips that helped me paint with ease and bring my art to the next level. 

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Mistakes to avoid while painting.

In this free video I share the mistakes I made when I started painting and I give you some advice that has helped me on my journey. 

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1-1 Coaching

My mentorship program is for artists who take their art seriously and want to dig deep into their abstract painting. 

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Hi, I'm Cathy and I'm passionate about abstract painting.

A few years before I turned 50, I decided to start painting to keep me busy after my girls moved out. Little did I know about the journey I was about to take.


"If you are considering doing an online art course, don't spend your money on anyone but Cathy. In her course you will be seen and heard. She will help you understand your own art as well as others. Strongly recommend."

- Anita Alvsaker

"If you want to learn about composition and color theory, I highly recommend Cathy. I have taken several courses online, but Cathy's course is the best."

- Britt Lise Johansen

"I can highly recommend Cathy Mevik's course as it has given me exactly what I needed to become a better artist and to gain access to the knowledge I was missing. A fantastic teacher who knows exactly what we as course participants need."

- Mari Ann Hestmann

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