Cathy Mevik
Born: 1965, Bklyn, NY
Residence: Drøbak, Norway

My creativity is something I have always been unsure of. As a child I could spend hours with crayons, and in my twenties, dance something I loved to do. I have also worked creatively in one form or another almost my entire career. But still, calling myself a creative was never an option.

I started painting in 2015 when my girls moved out of the house. I just knew I needed something in my life that was something I enjoyed. I started thinking back to my childhood, and could well remember how I loved to draw as a little girl. So in 2014 my journey started, first with drawing  and after a year I moved on to painting. Painting quickly turned into a passion. I was like a sponge trying to absorb as much as I could, as fast as I could.  Since then, I have taken several classes with renowned artists, and completed a 3-year art education at Nydalen Art school.

For the past few years I've been teaching art in different parts of Norway. In addition, I have also developed an online course where I share what I have learned on my journey. I sell my works both privately and through a gallery. In addition, I have had several exhibitions during the past few years.

My work is strongly influenced by my past and how experiences in my early life have shaped me. Emotions enable us to embrace life with honesty and creativity. Emotions bring us life and they add color and texture to our experiences whether they are good or bad.

To me, art is the visual language of emotions. When I paint I can be honest, fearless, personal and spontaneous. I'm free from perfectionism and in my world of art, mistakes are embraced and seen as important elements that create interest.

I work intuitively with acrylics and mostly charcoal, pastels and watersouluble mediums. I enjoy working on large canvases, but I also like working on paper. Working layer by layer I strive to create interest in my paintings. I add elements that I cover and uncover in an energetic process. I love to create texture by making marks with multiple types of mark making tools as well.

I hope my paintings show fragments of who I am and the mood I was in when they were painted. My deepest wish is that my paintings touch you in such a way that there is an emotional connection between you and the painting.

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